Posted on February 11, 2015

Welcome to the new version of

After updating the website’s logo, I decided to change its design. Inspired by other Squarespace blogs like Above Avalon (discovered via The Newsprint’s Sunday Edition), I decided to go to a less centered view, and to put more things on the sides.

You’ll find the navigation links on the left with the new logo, instead of being at the top, and a new side bar on the right with a list of the most recent posts, my Twitter feed and a search bar.

I think that this design improves the ergonomics of the website and brings the content at the front. There’s less wasted space, and the content sits on the top, instead of being eclipsed by the massive logo and navigation bar. Now, on the splash screen, you’ll be able to see what this website is about on the first glance, and start reading articles directly, instead of having to scroll on the page.

I still have a few quirks to iron out, like the quote’s font (that I can’t change because of a Squarespace bug), or making an About page, but I’m quite happy of the result, and I hope that you’ll like it.