A preview of the upcoming Photos app for OS X

Posted on February 7, 2015

Dan Seifert from The Verge shows us how the upcoming Photos App for OS X Yosemite will work:

I was looking for a good Photo management app in the last few months, but I was quite disappointed by the solutions available. I wanted something easy to use and with a good UI, but I didn’t wanted to pay an hefty price on cloud storage if it was only used for pictures (like Picturelife). The sweet spot would have been an app using my Dropbox or OneDrive storage, but I didn’t found what I wanted. So I ended up using my OneDrive account to save my collection of digital pictures, because of the unlimited storage that I’ve got with my purchase of Office 365. But the UI of the iOS app is quite… bad.

That’s why I’m totally sold on the upcoming Photos app. I don’t mind paying for iCloud storage, and the UI/UX looks beautiful and powerful. The editing features looks amazing for people like me who fells completely lost with software like Lightroom. And the integration wit iOS is an huge benefit.

With my dad recent purchase of a DSLR, this should be a must-have app for me, even more when I realized that CD backups that my mother made 10 years ago was lost. This should never happen again, and I hope that iCloud and Photos.app will help me with it.

Now, all I need is to buy a Mac (😠 Intel).