Fixing iOS third party keyboard implementation

Posted on January 6, 2015

David Chartier, for Finer Things in Tech:

As interesting as iOS keyboards can be, their initial implementation at the OS level is severely flawed. They’re cumbersome to setup, switching between them is needlessly tedious, and limitations make it difficult to teach users about keyboard features. As far as I can tell, all these problems require solutions and improvements from Apple at the OS level.

You should read the full article : David Chartier sum up quite well the quirks of using multiple keyboards on iOS 8. They are painful to use, and don’t let me start talking about switching between them. Every time that I want to use David Smith’s Emoji++, I drop a tear.

But what’s interesting here too, is the propositions that he makes to improve it. Implementing them in iOS 9 could make what many people saw as the best example of Apple opening up, a feature that works even better than on Android.