Apple has lost the functional high ground

Posted on January 5, 2015

Marco Arment, on the state of Apple software :

I fear that Apple’s leadership doesn’t realize quite how badly and deeply their software flaws have damaged their reputation, because if they realized it, they’d make serious changes that don’t appear to be happening. Instead, the opposite appears to be happening: the pace of rapid updates on multiple product lines seems to be expanding and accelerating.

New features in a highly competitive industry like computer or smartphone marketing, are fundamental to keep your company relevant from your competitors. If Apple was selling the iPhone 6 with iOS 6 installed, I doubt that it would led to “the biggest iPhone launch ever”.

But the biggest priority that you should have when you’re making something, is that it should work as expected. What’s the point of having a Swiss-Army knife if the blade is so bad that you couldn’t cut anything?

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