New Wii U Zelda trailer shows Link horsing around

Posted on December 6, 2014

Kyle Orland, for Ars Technica:

After a very brief announcement and teaser at E3 this year, Nintendo used the inaugural Game Awards webstream and live presentation in Las Vegas tonight to show off a more substantial trailer highlighting new gameplay features in the next Legend of Zelda game, planned to hit the Wii U some time in 2015. In the trailer, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto and project producer Eiji Aounuma discuss the game’s “massive world” designed with “a number of high places with great views” to view far-off goals (“It would take a very long time for Link to walk” across the map, Aounuma says). Distant landmarks can be highlighted through a first-person view, controlled by tilting the GamePad, then show up as markers on an interactive, zoomable map on the touchscreen.

Nintendo finally understood that their biggest strength wasn’t their Hardware (at least, for this generation of consoles), but their portfolio of games. I never considered buying a Wii U (and I have the original Wii) until today.

Now, the question is : Will I get a Wii U before the PS4? The release date of No Man’s Sky might be the answer.