What is the best delivery tracker for iOS / MacOS ?

Posted on November 21, 2014

The Sweet Setup stroke again today with a full rundown of the best ways to track deliveries on iOS and MacOS.

“Package tracking apps aren’t the kind of apps that we use 10 times a day. Our goal is to get the information we need and get back to work. All of these apps are doing something that we can do for free on many retail and shipping carrier websites, but a dedicated app makes tracking all of your packages a “one stop shop.” In this case, you are paying for the convenience. As I mentioned, I buy a lot online, so spending a few dollars on an app that can track all of those deliveries is well worth it for me.”

And Bradley Chambers found the best app : Deliveries Status (who was updated today for iOS 8).

“With widget support and ease of entry, Delivery Status does its job quickly and efficiently. Available on the Mac, iOS devices, and even the web, Delivery Status is our favorite app for tracking packages.”

I agree with him on this : I bought Deliveries Status a few months ago, and I like the way of displaying where items are on the map, and the notifications.

So, my advice is to read the whole piece to understand Bradley’s choice (and mine); and buy the app that suits you the best.