Switching to Squarespace

Posted on November 4, 2014

The switch to Squarespace may have broke all the previous links made on Wordpress. To fix this, just put ‘/blog/’ between the domain name (http://lawgier.net) and the “slug” (/2014/10/XX/name-of-the-article) in your address bar. Thanks.

So, here we are, dealing with my need to experiment things. Testing everything. Never be satisfied. Avoir la bougeotte (have ants in one’s pants would be a good translation).

Before launching the website, I moved to many platforms : Ghost, Scriptogr.am, Postach.io, … I had settled for Wordpress for about a month, mainly because I didn’t found a better solution. I had tried Squarespace a bit, but didn’t found what I was looking for. Until today.

Squarespace 7 is a wonderful platform. The themes are awesome. I had trouble at first because I couldn’t do what I wanted. But those things were mainly a waste of time. Installing 5 plugins to make your blog a little bit reliable in case of dealing with a sudden huge amount of traffic is meh. Having to create a Rackspace Cloud Files instance only to make the website load a bit faster, and wont being able to upload files to it from your iOS device (I’m looking at you, Panic) isn’t really worth it. Won’t be able to know how much the website will cost you at the end of the month because Azure cost calculator is weird and gives you wrong numbers (my cloud instance runs for 4 hours a day -dunno why-, but Azure calculates an 24 hour usage) is bad.

So, Squarespace : 10 bucks a month (use a promo code like ATP to get 10% off your first purchase, but if you’ve already listened to any podcast, youalreadyknowthis), 500 GB Bandwidth, no back-end to deal with, no CDN, blazing fast, great theming, great mobile app (would be even be better if it was supported by Byword).

So, I’m happy. But, until when?