Nuzzel on iPad

Posted on October 23, 2014

When you see a product that you know, but don’t expect being reviewed by both Jason Snell and Federico Vittci, it might give you a totality different approach on it. In this case, the product is Nuzzel.

What is Nuzzel?

Jason Snell introduces it way better that I could :

Nuzzel is a free web site and iOS app that mines your Twitter and Facebook networks and shows you the newest or most popular links. What Nuzzel does well is sort and filter and group the links in interesting ways, and present them as nicely formatted news-story items—not as tweets. The filtering makes a big difference. I can, for instance, see all links from the past four hours that have been recommended by two or more friends. This has a tendency to float the most interesting stuff to the very top.

What has changed?

You see, I’m a big RSS user. I’m a Feedbin member for a long time, and I pay subscriptions for websites just to have a full RSS feed (like for Ars Technica or Next Inpact, a French website). But there is a problem with RSS. I’m not interested in all Ars articles or The Verge ones, but they all get into my unread list. And, as a student, I have limited time. So, since I subscribe to a lot of feed (that I like), I often get to the point that I have more than 1000 new articles to read because I didn’t manage to read them all during the day; and that leads me to take at least 3-4 hours every weekends to clear the list (or give up and mark all as read). This is untenable, and it makes reading the news much more a pain that I genuinely get when my inbox is less cluttered (yep, I’m an Inbox 0 guy).

So let’s get back to Nuzzel.

When I subscribed to Nuzzel about 6 months ago, I saw clearly the benefits of the service, which was, at the time -and for me, an Android user-, a daily newsletter with a summary of the 5 articles the most shared by my Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Far for being a Twitter completist, I missed some great pieces well worth reading, and this saddened me a lot.

But my utilization of Nuzzel didn’t get past the morning newsletter, even when I got the iPhone and downloaded the app. So the usefulness of the service was very much limited. I’m sure that I wouldn’t notice if I didn’t got the daily digest for a week in my mailbox.

But the iPad app looks great on my iPad mini, and this might change something.

Anyways, I’m gonna try the iOS apps of Nuzzel for the coming week, and put my Feedbin account on diet. See you in the next episode!

And if you have any advices on RSS and stuff, just send be a tweet or an email. Thanks!