Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and... Google Fiber?

Posted on October 22, 2014

Glenn Fleishman, writing for Six Colors :

The same principles that motivated Netflix to sign the Sandler deal should motivate Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to do the same thing—only for fiber-optic broadband Internet service in the United States, and maybe elsewhere. And for nearly the same reason. “Dear sir,” I hear you cry over the interwebs, “You’ve lost your mind.” No, no, hear me out, folks. As these tech giants find themselves increasingly dependent on Internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T, Cablevision, and Verizon, and with those companies wanting “fast-lane” exemptions to network neutrality rules (which are murky at the moment following court decisions) the easy way to keep a connection to consumers without being at the mercy of the broadband providers is to build it themselves.

Great article about net neutrality, and Google foray into the world of ISPs. Glenn is such a talented writer, and manage here to explain something complicated with a dubious analogy including Adam Sandler.

If you’re not familiar with the terms “Net Neutrality”, or asking yourself why did Google build a fiber service in Kansas City, and expanding it in Provo or Austin, this should really help you. If you already know why, read it too. And you should kickstart the Year 2 anthology of The Magazine, the publication created by Marco Arment and now edited by Glenn Fleishman.