This Is The Nexus Player

Posted on October 15, 2014

The Verge :

The Nexus Player takes the shape of a sleek-looking puck around 4.7-inches in diameter. It comes with a tiny remote with just a few buttons on it, one of which allows you to enable a microphone to perform a voice search — it’s actually a lot like what you’d find with Amazon’s Fire TV. The box includes 8GB of internal storage and is able to stream over 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which is the newest standard out there right now. The Nexus Player also supports a game controller, but it’s sold separately.

This seems to be a very cool gadget : the Android TV interface is sleek, and the Player looks great. BUT, I think it misses two features :

An Ethernet Port : Because, if you’re trying to stream a full 1080p movie on Wi-Fi, it’s just gonna choke to death, and, even if 802.11ac is better, not everyone has a router compatible with it.

An Audio-Out jack port on the remote : I discovered this feature with the Roku 3, and it’s great : I’m able to watch everything I want (action movie with big explosions for example) at the hour I want, without annoying people whit the sound.

So, maybe I don’t need an Nexus Player. Maybe I just need a Roku 3 with Android TV (and a better Plex app, which Android TV has, not Roku).