“Your Argument Is Invalid”

Posted on October 9, 2014

The great Jason Snell, about Apple and Google decision to encrypt user’s phones:

Law enforcement officials usually play on our fears whenever their powers are limited, but those limitations are what keep our society from being a police state. The Supreme Court’s ruling in Miranda v. Arizona in 1966 led to catastrophic predictions that many criminals would go free and society would be harmed if all arrested people were informed of their rights. Didn’t happen.

Those argument against privacy always seem ridiculous for me. The U.S government, as the French one and many others, seems to forget that their goal is to protect theirs citizen, and not to know everything, and, to reach it, they can’t do whatever they want to. And privacy is a price they shouldn’t afford.

Anyways, Apple’s decision was the good one, but, the response of the government official may be just smoke and mirrors. This is what Micah Lee, from The Intercept, is saying, remembering us that Apple still have the Golden Keys for iCloud backups:

But despite these nods to privacy-conscious consumers, Apple still strongly encourages all its users to sign up for and use iCloud, the internet syncing and storage service where Apple has the capability to unlock key data like backups, documents, contacts, and calendar information in response to a government demand.

iCloud is also used to sync photos, as a slew of celebrities learned in recent weeks when hackers reaped nude photos from the Apple service.

So, Apple is moving in the right direction, but the Patriot Act may be in the way.